Scrap Metal Johannesburg Testimonials

Take a look at what our customers had to say about our services and you can have an understanding of what makes us different from other scrap metal companies in Johannesburg.

MS Kennedy

Wow, Scrap Metal Johannesburg has proved to be a company worth working with. They provided me with all the tools and personnel to help me with all the work I had to do, after being let doen by another company, Scrap Metal Johannesburg came to my rescue. I appreciate the service and will only be calling you from now on!

R Moxwale

I am not the type to write reviews but the level of customer care I received from the time I called Scrap Metal Johannesburg to the time they helped me sort and weigh over a ton of scrpa metal, they made it seem so easy, thank you very much and I look forward to working with you in the future!

WA Menlyn

Don’t waste time calling any other scrap metal company in Johannesburg, Scrap Metal Johannesburg will provide you with everything you need, just tell the your problem and they will solve it for as easy as collect, sort, weigh and pay!

Tshepo MK?

If only there where companies like this everywhere. They truly believe in customer care and will assist you all they way. They assisted me on short notice and even paid thousands of rands within the same day via EFT. Best scrap metal company to work with in Johannesburg.

G Garrysmith

Great service, super awesome customer service and always on time. Thank you!